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Home Cleaning Services

Our home cleaning services 
ensure that you return to a spotless house. We work according to your schedule and we take into consideration your special requests in order to deliver your space impeccably clean.

General cleaning services include all those tasks that will make your home look like new. They usually take place when moving into a new house, buying a new house or after a renovation. Of course general cleaning can take place in a house already inhabited.

Regular cleaning services include tasks that keep your house clean. They can take place per week, per month, or at specific times you desire.

Housekeeping services include daily household tasks such as washing-ironing, dishwashing, wiping and dusting etc. We can arrange a schedule according to your needs.

Event cleaning services include all these tasks that take place before or after an event (e.g. a party). We will make sure that your guests will enjoy a clean and well-cared environment, and after the event we will restore your home to its initial condition.

Common areas 

Cleaning of carpets, lounges, mattresses

Cleaning after disasters

Cleaning bird droppings

We undertake the cleaning of the common areas of apartment buildings.

We use the most modern cleaning machines to clean carpets, lounges and mattresses. With contemporary methodology we offer the best and safest results. These tasks can be combined with other cleaning services or take place separately.

These cleanings involve cleaning services that take place after disasters such as floods and fires. Our company is highly experienced in such special cases.

We clean bird droppings from balconies and patios (e.g. pigeons) and then we disinfect the place. Our company undertakes with professionalism the installation of bird repellents such as spikes and nets.

Homes and residences cleaning services

Skoupoxilo makes the difference. 

Some of the benefits you gain when you call Skoupoxilo.

Low hourly charge

Flexible hours

All of our staff members are our employees (not contractors)

Our staff is well trained and insured

We are ready to offer the best services in your lovely home.


House Cleaning Services Thessaloniki